Great Holiday Selections!

Looking for a fun holiday musical that is easy to perform and enjoyable for your class? Look no further! Michael Brent has a wide variety of musicals to choose from. The Cactus Christmas Tree and Three Winter Rounds...a "down-home" Christmas on the prairie. Grades K-3. 15 - 20 minutes duration. Christmas Cookies & Holiday Hearts...great songs (Teresa Brewer performed them in the 1950s/'60s). Grades K-3. 15 - 20 minutes duration. Holiday Alphabet...a fun way to learn the alphabet. Grades K-3. Santa and the Three Scrooges...Three three stingy relatives of Ebenezer Scrooge buy the North Pole and "Fire" Santa Claus for being too generous! Of course, Santa triumphs! Grades K-6. 30 minute

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