A Great "All-Around" Holiday Song for your Elementary School...Mi Casa, Su Casa!

Are you looking for a unique holiday song that mentions Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas and even has some lyrics in Spanish? The upbeat, Broadwayesque "Mi Casa, Su Casa" could be just the delightful addition to your elementary school holiday program that you've been looking for. From the Ruth Roberts' musical, "Six Little Snowflakes," the song, "Mi Casa, Su Casa" can be purchased as individual sheet music and CD. Head to our TEACHERS' LOUNGE to hear the song. LYRICS: Welcome to Mi casa, Su Casa meaning me and you casa Happy Kwanzaa! Make yourself at home! Mi Casa, Su Casa, we love you casa Happy Hanukkah, Shalom! We're ev'ry color, religion and race, Where else could you find a friendlier

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