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Halloween Songs and Music Plays

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Halloween Songs that

Tickle Your Funny Bone


Silly, goofy, Halloween lyrics set to popular music. 

The Songbook has melody lines, lyrics, and is illustrated.  Good for young readers. 


Songbook and CD - $19.95.  Songbook also sold separately - $9.95.  

Song List

A Halloween Song

Around the Block and Up the Street

Ghoul Days, Ghoul Days

Halloween is All Around

There is a Haunted House in Town

The Pumpkin Man

I've Been Working on My Costume

A Good Old Halloween

Halloween Friends

The Pumpkin on the Vine

We Are the Witches Three

Have a Happy Halloween

As the Witches Go Flying Along

Twinkle, Twinkle Candlelight

Trick or Treat

Bats in the Belfry

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Listen to excerpts of all 16 songs.

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Spider Soup

A musical play geared for young readers, this Halloween program is quick (six minutes in length) and easy (students read from their scripts as part of the play.)  This can be done as a performance or as a fun reading exercise.  There are 30 parts - enough for the average classroom.  A great introduction for children to learn how to read a script and act in a play.  

The illustrated Songbook has easy piano music with lyrics, program notes, and script.  The CD is a performance/accompaniment CD and the performance tracks were recorded using children in the roles.  

Songbook and CD - $19.95

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Listen to excerpts from the play.

A Haunting We Will Go COVER.jpg
A-Haunting We Will Go Songbook

A-Haunting We Will Go

With a delightful song sung by the famed McGuire Sisters, this mini-play celebrates Halloween using the alphabet.  There are speaking parts for each letter of the alphabet, three songs, and a Monster Walk.  

Song List

A-Haunting We Will Go

Ghoul Days, Ghoul Days

Monster Music (Instrumental)

A Halloween Song

The Songbook contains program notes, piano music with lyrics, and script.  The CD is a performance / accompaniment CD.  10 tracks total.

Songbook and CD - $19;95

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Listen to excerpts from the play.