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Are you looking for a fun and innovative way to help teach your students? At Michael Brent Publications, we offer a variety of children’s educational music in Los Angeles, CA, to add singing and fun to any classroom. Our songs and musical plays are all written with children in mind and cover both seasonal and historical events. This way, your class can engage in a fun activity while learning about different cultural and historical topics. 


Plus, with our classroom musicals, your students can participate in a full performance piece and show off their talents to their families and friends. Contact us to learn more about our educational music or to explore our collection of songs and plays.


Mixing Music and Laughter


One of the most popular collections we offer at Michal Brent Publications is our Tickle Your Funny Bone series. These seasonal sing-alongs feature lots of puns and jokes to amuse both your students and their audience. The series combines traditional and recognizable tunes with updated lyrics that are sure to have everyone laughing. We cover ten different holidays with the series, including Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day.



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