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Originally released in the early 1960s, the Songs that Tickle Your Funny Bone series has been a longtime favorite with teachers.  Set to familiar melodies, the lyrics are humorous and upbeat.  The new Songs that Tickle Your Funny Bone series is a 4-CD compilation of favorite songs from the entire series with updated arrangements and new recordings.  (The only song in the new series using the original recording - but updated and remastered - is "Easter at the City Zoo.") 

Each CD contains 10 songs and there is an accompanying songbook with a notated melody and chords.  Used for sing-a-longs, the songbooks provide both a reading exercise and general intro to music.  The songbooks can also be used by accompanists for performances.  The music is for children from preschool thru elementary and several songs have been arranged as "movement" songs for preschool and kindergarten-age children.

New instruments, new vocals, and, in many cases, new lyrics.  We think you'll love our new version of Songs that Tickle Your Funny Bone!

VOL. 1

Vol. 1 CD

10 songs



1. I Like Cows and I Like Goats

2.  On Top of a Camel

3.  The Antelope

4.  The Chimpanzee

5.  Three Slow Snails

6.  Easter at the City Zoo

7.  Easter Egg Roll

8.  How Do You Do, Easter Bunny

9.  How Much Corn Can A Little Chick Eat?

10.  Who Can It Be  (Peter Cottontail)

Samples of all ten songs on the CD.

Vol. 1 Samples.m4Michael Brent Publications
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Songbook and sample

Vol. 1 Songbook

10 songs

20 pages 


VOL. 2

Vol. 2 CD

10 songs



1. It's Raining Frogs

2.  My Poodle Played in a Puddle

3.  You Need a Little Rain, You Know

4.  A Kite Song

5.  The Ice Cream Man

6.  Doing the Reel

7.  Hey Lollly, Lolly

8.  Ten Little Valentine's

9.  The Fox and the Ox Made a Valentine's Box

10.  What If Ev'rybody Sent a Valentine

Samples of all ten songs on the CD.

Vol. 2 Samples Michael Brent Publications
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Songbook and sample

Vol. 2 Songbook

10 songs

24 pages 


VOL. 3

Vol. 3 CD

10 songs




1. Do the Tarantella

2.  I Wish I Wuz Columbus

3.  The Boom! Boom! Boom! Columbus Day Parade

4.  The Nina and the Pinta and the Santa Maria

5.  Who's the Man, The Man Who Can?

6.  Around the Block and Up The Street

7.  Halloween Friends

8.  Halloween is All Around

9.  The Pumpkin on the Vine

10.  There is a Haunted House in Town

Samples of all ten songs on the CD.

Vol. 3 Samples Michael Brent Publications
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Songbook and sample

Vol. 3 Songbook

10 songs

16 pages 


VOL. 4


1. Did You Ever See A Snowflake?

2.  High on the Housetop

3.  Santa's Comin' Down the Chimney

4.  Ring Out the Old Year

5.  A Turkey Tom and a Turkey Mom

6.  All the Leaves are Falling Down

7.  One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims

8.  Thanksgiving's a Wonderful Thing

9.  The Albuquerque Turkey

10.  The Mayflower

Vol. 4 CD

10 songs


Samples of all ten songs on the CD.

Vol. 4 SamplesMichael Brent Publications
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Songbook and sample

Vol. 4 Songbook

10 songs

20 pages