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Christmas Musical Plays and Songs

From musicals to funny songs,

make your Holiday celebration a memorable one!

Musical books  

- sheet music with lyrics, melody, and piano accompaniment 



- a full performance track (with vocals)....great for learning the song

 - an accompaniment track (no vocals) sing-a-long with for performances.

Songbook and CDs for the Funny Bone series 

- songbook...melody line on treble staff with chords. Lyrics. Illustrations. 

- CD:  full performance tracks 

Click on each title below for samples of recorded music and sheet music.  Performances videos also included. 

The Cactus Christmas Tree COVER.jpg
Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts.jpg
Christmas Songs Cover 2_edited.jpg
Holiday Alphabet Cover.jpg
The Little Lost Christmas Harmony.jpg
Santa and the Three Scrooges_edited.jpg
Six Little Snowflakes_edited.jpg
The Three O'Clock Rehearsal COVER_edited
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