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Great Holiday Selections!

Looking for a fun holiday musical that is easy to perform and enjoyable for your class? Look no further! Michael Brent has a wide variety of musicals to choose from.

The Cactus Christmas Tree and Three Winter Rounds...a "down-home" Christmas on the prairie. Grades K-3. 15 - 20 minutes duration.

Christmas Cookies & Holiday Hearts...great songs (Teresa Brewer performed them in the 1950s/'60s). Grades K-3. 15 - 20 minutes duration.

Holiday Alphabet...a fun way to learn the alphabet. Grades K-3.

Santa and the Three Scrooges...Three three stingy relatives of Ebenezer Scrooge buy the North Pole and "Fire" Santa Claus for being too generous! Of course, Santa triumphs!

Grades K-6. 30 minutes in duration.

Six Little Snowflakes..."Mis Casa Su Casa," "Happy Hanukkah," "Christmas is Music," are just three of the songs illustrating that it is better to give than to receive. Grades K-5. 20 minutes in duration.

The Three O'Clock Rehearsal of the Christmas Musicale...talking reindeer, mischievous elves, little angels...and a wish from the little Christmas trees to be kind to our environment.

Grades K-6. 25 minutes in duration.

What Shall We Do For a Christmas Play This takes a non-Committee little girl and boy to prove that "big" is not always better and all that really glitters is joyous love!

Grades 3-7. 25 minutes in duration.

Winter Holiday...a favorite holiday play adapted from "Christmas Songs that Tickle Your Funny Bone." Very easy for a busy teacher to have a merry program; parents enjoy this show, as well.

Grades K-8. 40 minutes in duration.

And more! Check out our Holiday section in our online store. Happy Holidays!

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