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Tall Tom Jefferson

Long before the success of the musical "Hamilton," Ruth Roberts wrote "Tall Tom Jefferson" about Thomas Jefferson, third U.S. president and principle author of the Declaration of Independence.

Containing factual and tuneful parts, the musical play is a lively historical journey for young voices. The recording is narrated by the legendary Broadway performer, Richard Kiley, and is an entertaining and educational listening experience on its own. Take off on a swinging visit to Washington D.C. in 1800 to meet the young leader of democracy, and relive the beginning of our new nation through drama and song. Grades 4 - 9.

"...This is my 3rd production of 'TALL TOM JEFFERSON.' Each time children purchase their own books to keep! What a terrific compliment to the ability of Ruth Roberts to write for children...My 1st Tom Jefferson is now a city councilman -- I know he got his start from your play!"

-- Mary M. Hall, Vocal Music Specialist, La Crosse, WI, Public Schools

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