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Easy and Fun Holiday Musicals

We're chock-full of holiday musicals at Michael Brent! From "The Cactus Christmas Tree" to "Santa and the Three Scrooges" we have musicals that fit the needs of most elementary classrooms. Check out our online store for even more holiday musicals!

THE CACTUS CHRISTMAS TREE and Three Wee Winter Rounds – An unusual “take” on the standard Christmas fare, here we have a “down-home” Christmas that takes place on the prairie with several loveable animals decorating a humble cactus as their Christmas tree – and joyfully singing the title song in the process! Book and Performance/Accompaniment CD set is $19.95 Grades K-3; parts for many students, 15 to 20 minutes in duration. Excellent for Early Reading Motivation and Introduction to Music – for classroom or stage presentation.

CHRISTMAS COOKIES & HOLIDAY HEARTS – As the delightful YouTube video that was especially created for this mini-play illustrates, children love two things: gift-giving holidays and mouth-watering holiday treats! Performed by the 1950s/’60s recording artist Teresa Brewer, this mini-play of songs and rhymes is very popular with the younger children and their teachers alike. Songs include the wonderfully sing-able title song along with “Sleigh Bells,” “S-A-N-T-A C-L-A-U-S,” “You Take the High Branch,” and “Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily.” Book and Performance/Accompaniment CD set is $19.95 Grades K-3; parts for many students, 15 to 20 minutes in duration – for classroom or stage presentation.

HOLIDAY ALPHABET This Children’s Theater mini-play is a fun, inventive way to teach little children the alphabet – by telling the story of the old woman who lived in a shoe! In order to help herself at this busy Holiday time, the old woman made herself a list so she wouldn’t forget….a holiday alphabet list. For Grades K thru 3

SANTA AND THE THREE SCROOGES, A Musical Play for Young Voices – The three stingy relatives of Ebenezer Scrooge (the three scrooges of the title!) buy the North Pole and proceed to “fire” Santa Claus because he is simply too generous, giving away all those toys for free, AND he’s too old for his job! Just when it seems that Santa Claus is defeated, he braves impossible odds (including chicken pox) to bring Christmas to the children and is ultimately inspired to believe—in himself. Charming, young-at-heart songs include “It’s Christmas Time,” “S-A-N-T-A,” “Annie, Manny, Moe,” “Katrina, the Toy Ballerina,” “Be Kind to Each Other” (a Ruth Roberts’ favorite which is also featured in the mini-musical of the same name), and “Oh! How Lovely is the Evening.” Teacher Book is $19.95. Student book 10/Pack is $35.00. Perf/Acc CD is $49.95. For Grades K-6, parts for many students, 30 minutes in duration.

SIX LITTLE SNOWFLAKES (Looking for Christmas) – One of our most popular songs for bi-lingual children is featured in this magical musical for the younger grades, “Mi Casa Su Casa.” Also popular in this mini-musical are the songs “T’was the Day Before the Day Before Christmas,” “Happy Hanukkah,” and “Christmas is Music.” Christmas is saved for the homeless shelter by “left behind” snowflakes, a scraggly tree, two kettles of soup left out on a stoop, and a real Virginia ham! All by way of illustrating that it is better to give than to receive. Teacher Book is $15.00. Student book 5/Pack is $12.50. Perf/Acc CD is $49.95. For Grades K-5, 20 minutes in duration.

THE THREE O’CLOCK REHEARSAL OF THE CHRISTMAS MUSICALE – All aboard the Christmas Train for one of our most delightful mini-plays that is all spruced up with talking reindeer, mischievous elves, little angels winning their wings, the sentimental sounds of the season, and a wish from the little Christmas trees to be kind to our environment. Ten tuneful songs guarantee a full, rich holiday experience for all who partake! Teacher Book is $19.95. Student book 10/Pack is $29.95. Perf/Acc CD is $49.95. For Grades K-6, parts for many students, 25 minutes in duration.

HOLIDAY IN HAWAII - A visit to balmy palms in the Pacific. Eight little islands make one great state! Includes a hula dance. 15-20 minutes duration. Good for grades K-3.

ALL ABOARD THE CHRISTMAS TRAIN - Everybody's on their way home to spend the holiday - from New York to Frisco Bay. Toot Toot! Great for K-6.

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