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The Brave and the Bold - Student Book

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THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD – As Columbus Day approaches, this approximately 40-minute musical (narrated by film, television, and stage actor E.G. Marshall) takes center stage. The narrator is a wandering minstrel who takes us through Palos, Spain, in the 15th century where the citizens discuss Columbus’ escapades leading to his important discoveries, while the cynics dismiss the “roundness” of the earth. It’s all here: the exciting first sighting of land believed to be The Indies, the controversy of the discovery of a new continent – not India (!), and finally, the celebration of those brave and bold explorers who forged new worlds. Rousing and richly musical, the songs include “Morning in Palos,” “Son of a Tailor,” “A Man & His Dream,” “The Council of Mathematicians,” “Sail on Columbus,” “For Gold & Glory,” and the crowd-pleasing “The Brave & the Bold.” Especially popular for ESL students as it promotes pride in their heritage, teachers also use it annually to complement their “study unit of exploration and migration.” Teacher Book is $19.95. Student book 10/Pack is $29.95. Performance/Accompaniment CD is $49.95. Parts for many students of all Grades – for classroom or stage presentation. Approx. 40 minutes in duration.

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